Stories are how we connect.

Stories show who we are and what we believe.

Like a turtle’s shell, our individual stories are uniquely shaped by our environment. While the content, morals, patterns, and symbols of our stories may resemble each other, your story is uniquely yours to tell. Finding the right story with intricate details that leave a lasting impression takes time.

Camp Creek Storytelling’s mission is to facilitate the storytelling process for leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and nonprofit organizations, and to help them identify and shape their stories through fun, interactive, and tested processes. We do this through in-person and online trainings, as well as consulting on and executing storytelling content.




freelance writing & Blogging

Hire us to identify your story and write it for you.

We’re available for a wide range of custom freelance writing projects and bring more than ten years of experience in blogging, storytelling, and writing about and on behalf of spokespersons.

digital storytelling

Hire us to create social media content that tells your story digitally.

Need help your honing brand's message? Looking to add some sparkle to your social media? We are available for freelance social media content creation and coaching.

public speaking coaching

Hire us to help you tell a story that moves people to take action.

As a key spokesperson for a brand or an advocate for a cause you need to tell your unique story fast (like, 2 minutes fast). We can help you make it fun, memorable and impactful.